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A nice blog tool: Jing

Virtual PC 6.Image via WikipediaJing is a program you can use to capture images and video online. For example if you want to make a video presentation and capture both the screen and the sound, you can do so with Jing and the best part is it’s a free program. You go to their website which is here:

They have a download for Mac and a download for Windows.

Once you have installed the program, it’s going to show as a yellow half circle right on the top of your screen.

When you run your mouse over it you have three choices:

The left button is the capture button that you use to capture either images or video. We’ll get back to that in a little while

The middle button is your history button where you can see your previous images and videos that you have recorded.

The button to the right which I think is most important in the beginning is sort of your settings button and it has different options for you to choose from. The most important one is the preferences button. When you click on that you will see that you can set up sharing for Flickr, FTP or where you can store your video and images. If you choose to set it up for Flickr as I have, you need to give authorization and you do that by simply writing your Flickr username and signing in.

When that is set, go to the capture button – of course when you have found an image that you want to save, for example a website capture or if you want to make a video presentation, go ahead and click capture and the program will let you decide which part of the screen you want to capture. You can then save as an image or save as video (saving all your screen action including sound, you can also mute it if you want to) and choose to keep it on your computer, upload to Flickr or as a URL or a file.

I think it’s a pretty cool tool for making video presentations with sound and I hope you found this little guide useful.


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